If you’re familiar with China you’ll know that popular Western social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. have fallen victim to the Great Firewall of China (GFW) and are not accessible from within China. However, Chinese netizens have their own social media sites, some similar to Western social media and some different or even better, and of course these sites are more relevant to Chinese consumers.

Whether it’s Weibo, Wechat, Youku, or any of the other Chinese social media sites, when it comes to understanding social media marketing in China and marketing your brand on Chinese social media, Business in China is your on-the-ground partner.  We help you adopt the right strategy, help you set up your social media presence, help seed and publish content through the social channels and help you connect and engage with your fans.

    • Social media account set up;
    • Social media ongoing activity and engagement, including posting original content;
    • Sharing and ‘re-tweeting’ relevant information;
    • Monitoring and responding to comments and questions;
    • Developing and implementing online competitions to enhance fan engagement;
    • Promotional video distribution through social media;
    • Analytics and reporting, including account stats, fan demographics and competitor benchmarking.

Business in China will Set-Up your own official WeChat Chinese social media account for FREE. If you’re interested just let us know and we can provide you with all the details and terms.

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Business in China helps clients plan, develop and implement social media campaigns. Our social media campaign management service covers market research, concept development, technical implementation, content creation, partnership development, advertising and search marketing, and developing metrics and measuring success.

The campaigns we run take advantage of Chinese social media, including Weibo, relevant BBS forums, viral emails and competitions, to create buzz and drive traffic.  Objectives and call-to-actions are front and center of all campaigns.  Each campaign is carefully monitored and managed to ensure maximum engagement.

    • Campaign concept development and creative development.
    • Development of a dedicated landing page or micro site which can be integrated you’re your Chinese website
    • Design a “call to action” which focuses on reaching campaign objectives and capturing customer data
    • Leverage social media profiles and existing fan base
    • Target influential bloggers to get them involved
    • Competition admin (if one is included in the campaign) and management of prize distribution, etc.
    • Manage media buy, if applicable, and monitor advertising performance.
    • Provide post campaign report and evaluate performance against campaign objectives.


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The power of the Internet in China has never been stronger and the potential for international travel, tourism, hospitality and retail brands and companies to increase brand awareness and generate demand has not even begun to be realized.

However, in China you won’t get very far with Google, Facebook or Twitter…  In fact, as you can imagine given the size of the Chinese market, there are simply countless websites that may be relevant to your brand.

But don’t worry, our Chinese digital marketing and online advertising team can help you plan and implement effective PPC and display advertising campaigns in China across the most relevant travel and life style websites, magazines and social media sites, and ad networks.

We create strategies to reach a wide range of target audiences utilising a variety of tactics from high impact media placements to broad reach vehicles, social media integration and hyper-targeted performance media.

    • Keyword research and analysis
    • PPC (pay per click) advertising in China
    • Campaign planning
    • Concept design
    • Media planning, negotiation and buying
    • Banner and display advertising in China
    • Social media advertising in China
    • Affiliate advertising in China
    • Campaign implementation and monitoring
    • Post campaign analytics and reporting


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A targeted email marketing campaign in China can help generate awareness for your brand, engage partners or potential customers and help increase sales.  Huan Ying Marketing can manage all aspects of your email marketing in China.

    • Account set-up and registration
    • Email template design
    • Database building and management
    • Affiliate database cross promotions
    • Newsletter development and production
    • Content translation into Chinese
    • Email delivery and tracking
    • Analytics and reporting


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